There are a number of factors influencing how long we will hold personal data, including but not limited to the following:

  • The regulatory rules set out in applicable laws and regulations or set out in codes issued by regulatory authorities.
  • The product provider.
  • The type of product that we have provided to you.
  • The type of data that we hold about you.
  • Whether the data relates to any ongoing, pending, threatened, imminent or likely litigation or investigation.

As a general rule, we hold your information for the periods set out below:



Quotation information:
15 months
Policy and Claims information:
20/40 years after your policy has ceased or 20/40 years from the date of settlement of a claim under that policy, whichever is the later date *
Employment applications:
2 years

*For non-motor policies that provide liability insurance cover (for example, household policies) we retain data for 40 years to enable us to deal with latent claims (that is in situations where a claimant was not aware of the damage or injury until a long time after it was caused). For all other policies we retain data for 20 years to enable us to deal with claims reported within the statute of limitations.

After the above periods have been reached, we will ensure your personal data is securely deleted or anonymised. “Anonymisation” of data means processing it with the aim of irreversibly preventing the identification of the individual to whom it relates. Data can be considered anonymised when it does not allow identification of the individuals to whom it relates, and it is not possible that any individual could be identified from the data by any further processing of that data or by processing it together with other information which is available or likely to be available.